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Hello all cookie lovers!

My name is Renee Penn, and I am a Santa Monica mom of three, and head and neck surgeon-turned-baker. With a little help, and a lot of encouragement, I created "Cookie Math".


Our Aim

Our aim was to make the 'perfect cookie'. Well, that went great! But we also knew that we could not stop there. We wanted to support a cause that is important to everyone.

Early math education is crucial as it lays the foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for future learning. By engaging in math activities from a young age, children develop stronger cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and logical reasoning, Ultimately, early math education equips children with the skills necessary for everyday life .

Ten percent of Cookie Math profits are donated to this important effort. In keeping with our theme that 'every bite counts!', our math-minded namesake cookies are called, "C-Cubed" (Chocolate Chip Cookie) and "Confetti Infinity" (birthday cake), and we also offer biscotti, and custom orders.

Cookie Math is intended to make taste buds sing, and in short order, insure that all children can navigate our ever-changing world.



Renee Penn

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